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Communicating Process Architectures (CPA)
 Title: Synchronous Message Exchange for Hardware Designs 
 Conference: Communicating Process Architectures 2014
 Authors: Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter
Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
 Abstract: In our 2013 paper, we introduced the idea of modeling hardware with PyCSP. Encouraged by our initial success we started a master’s project where two students continued our work towards a fully detailed processor built in PyCSP. The two students succeeded, but also identified a number of reasons why PyCSP is not well suited for modeling hardware. Their conclusion was that since the hardware is synchronous, communication is frequently based on broadcast and external choice is never used. This means that PyCSP does not provide the mechanisms that are needed, and the strength of PyCSP is never utilized. In this work we introduce a new messaging framework, Synchronous Message Exchange, SME, which greatly simplifies hardware modeling, and is also easily used for other strictly synchronous applications, such as a subset of computer games. We describe the SME framework, and show how it has a rather simple equivalence in CSP so that the properties that are associated with CSP based applications are maintained, except rendezvous message exchange. 

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