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Communicating Process Architectures (CPA)
 Title: Prioritized Service Architecture: Refinement and Visual Design
 Conference: Communicating Process Architectures 2008
 Authors: Ian East
Department of Computing, Oxford Brooks University
 Abstract: Concurrent/reactive systems can be designed free of deadlock using prioritized service architecture (PSA), subject to simple, statically verified, design rules. The Honeysuckle Design Language (HDL) enables such service-oriented design to be expressed purely in terms of communication, while affording a process-oriented implementation, using the Honeysuckle Programming Language (HPL). A number of enhancements to the service model for system abstraction are described, along with their utility. Finally, a new graphical counterpart to HDL (HVDL) is introduced that incorporates all these enhancements, and which facilitates interactive stepwise refinement. 

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