Report in OUG Newsletter 1 -- Summer 1984 & OUG Newsletter 2 -- January 1985

The first technical meeting of the occam user group was held at the Watershed, Bristol on 21st September 1984. This group is the first special interest group of INMOS customers to be established and is open to anyone with an interest in occam, the programming language for the transputer.
About 100 people attended, from universities, polytechnics, government research and industry. A small number of visitors from Europe were present.
The meeting took the form of nine lectures by members, each lasting 20-30 minutes. The speakers discussed their experience with the occam language both as an aid to design and programming of forthcoming real systems and as a theoretical tool for discussing the properties of systems of concurrent processes and their cooperation.
The occam User Group Newletter #1 -- a 16 page publications contains the first announcement of the first occam User Group (OUG) meeting scheduled for September 21, 1984 (page 8). This meeting was organised by Michael Poole of INMOS.
The occam User Group Newsletter #2 -- now a 32 page publication contains a little over 2 pages reporting on the meeting (pages 2-4).

Illustration from the occam User Group Newsletter #1