Communicating Process Architectures 2016: Author Information

Paper Submission

Papers presenting novel work relevant to the themes of CPA 2016 should be submitted, in PDF, via EasyChair (using this link) by the submission date below. If you have any questions, please mail
While CPA has no absolute page limit, the length of your paper should be appropriate to its content; unnecessarily long papers will not be accepted without revision. We suggest that submitted papers should be formatted according to the guidelines below, but this is not compulsory at the review stage.

Style Guidelines for CPA Proceedings

Papers may be prepared using LaTeX (preferably) or Microsoft Word, using style files and templates downloaded from one of:
PLEASE PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION to section numbering, section/subsection heading capitalisation, paragraph spacing, orphan elimination, table and diagram captions, references etc. Please note that Introduction, References, Acknowledgements and any Appendix sections are un-numbered.
Please note that the CPA proceedings are published in black and white, and at approximately A5 size. Please ensure that diagrams and tables included in your paper are legible when the size is reduced – diagrams and images must have a resolution of at least 300 ppi.

Submission of Final Copy for Papers Accepted for Publication

The Program Committee reserves the right to reject final copy that does not meet the style guidelines or other conditions.
Accepted papers must be amended in the light of issues raised in the referees' reports. Summarise your amendments, and include (in a separate document) the summary with your final copy.
Each accepted paper will be allocated a specific CPA Proceedings Editor, who will manage – with the corresponding author – any revisions specified by the reviewers. Please communicate directly with your CPA Proceedings Editor concerning any issues relating to the referees' reports and necessary changes. Unless referees' comments are restricted to typography, you will need to check your revisions with your CPA Proceedings Editor before submission of final copy: please ensure that you do this in plenty of time to meet the CRC deadline.
When this process is complete, email the final revision to your Editor, along with all the sources used to generate the PDF.
  • ● For copy produced using LaTeX, collect together all source files as a zip or tar-file. Include your source file (.tex) and the matching .pdf file, every style file that you have used in processing the paper, the summary of your response to referees' comments, and all additional files such as diagrams. If possible, include a Makefile or script to rebuild your paper.
  • ●  For copy produced using Microsoft Word, you need to send the .doc file and the .pdf, and the summary of your response to referees' comments. If your paper relies on any additional files, you should include these as well.

Important Dates

Paper submission: June 20, 2016
Notification of acceptance: August 2, 2016
Final revised CRC due: August 20, 2016
Author registration: August 8, 2016
Conference: August 21 (evening) - 23 (lunchtime) , 2016

Publisher's Disclaimer and Copyright

The corresponding author must download this author declaration. Please print, complete, sign and return it both by post to the address at the top of the declaration and by emailing a scanned image to This has to be done before your paper can be included in the conference proceedings. Thank you.