Pictures from CPA 2018 in Dresden, Germany - Paper Presentations

Rasmus Munk presenting 'MUMMERING Platform Idea's & Ubiquitous Data Analysis'.

Truls Asheim presenting 'SMEIL: A Domain-Specific Language for Synchronous Message Exchange Networks' with Peter Welch chairing the session.

Mads Larsen presenting 'Emit - Communicating Sequential Processes in Ruby'.

Alberte Thegler answering questions from chair Peter Welch about 'Towards Automatic Program Specification Using SME Models'. This paper won best paper.

Uwe Mielke presenting 'T42 - Transputer in FPGA'.

Carl-Johannes Johnsen presenting 'Implementing a Transputer for FPGA in Less Than 800 Lines of Code'.

Lawrence Dickson and Brian Vinter giving a workshop: 'Workshop on Translating CSP-Based Languages to Common Programming Languages'.

James Dibley presenting 'Deriving Reusable Go Components From Verified CSP Prototypes', which won best student paper.

Christian Mayr giving the keynote speech 'SpiNNaker-2: a 10 Million Core Processor System for Machine Learning and Brain Simulation'.

Brian Vinter presenting 'Evaluating CSP as a Programming Model to Build Distributed Systems'.

John Markus Bjørndalen presenting 'aPyCSP - Asynchronous PyCSP Using Python Coroutines and asyncio'.

Jeremy Martin presenting 'Use Case Driven Microservices Architecture Design'.

Mads Larsen presenting 'Bohrium.rb - The Ruby Front End'.

Antoon Boode presenting 'A Majority Vote, Modelled by Asynchronous Readers and Asynchronous Writers' (Note. the title in the picture is wrong)

David Marchant presenting 'Solving the Santa Claus Problem Over a Distributed Network'.

Kevin Chalmers presenting 'A Transparent Thread and Fiber Framework in C++CSP'.

Lukasz Michalik presenting 'CSP at the Cyber-Physical Edge'.

Jeremy Martin presenting 'Testing and Verifying Parallel Programs Using Data Refinement'.

Mads Kristensen presenting 'Lossy Channels in Bohrium' -- Kevin Chalmers chairing and asking questions.

CPA Chair Peter Welch thanking local chair Uwe Mielke.

Pictures from CPA 2018 in Dresden, Germany - Fringe and Workshop Presentations (and the AGM)

Peter Welch kicking off the fringe presentations.

Øyvind Teig giving the conferences first fringe: 'Unravelling XC concepts [[combine]],[[combinable]], [[distribute]], [[distributable]] and [[distributed(..)]] plus par and on ... '.

Carl-Johannes Johnsen demonstrating 'Space Invaders Game Written in SME, Running on an FPGA' during the fringes.

Peter Welch presenting the fringe 'Java, JCSP and Crew (The Strange Case of the Spurious Spurious)'.

Peter Welch directing the AGM with Kevin Chalmers and Jan Pedersen.

Pictures from CPA 2018 in Dresden, Germany - Prizes

Alberte Thegler winning best paper. CPA Chair Peter Welch is on the right, and local chair Uwe Mielke in the middle.

Carl-Johannes Johnsen winning the best fringe prize for 'Space Invaders Game Written in SME, Running on an FPGA'.

James Dibley winning best student paper (he had to leave early).

Pictures from CPA 2018 in Dresden, Germany -- Less Academic

Herman Roebbers and Brian Vinter doing no research.

Herman Roebbers and Peter Welch at the atrium of TUD's computer science building.