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Michael Poole
Communication and Synchronisation in the Cell Processor 2005 0
Homogeneous Multiprocessing for Consumer Electronics 2005 0
Handshake Technology: High Way to Low Power 2005 0
If Concurrency in Software is So Simple, Why is it So Hard? 2005 0
Interfacing with Honeysuckle by Formal Contract 2005 10
Groovy Parallel! A Return to the Spirit of occam? 2005 15
On Issues of Constructing an Exception Handling Mechanism for CSP-Based Process-Oriented Concurrent Software 2005 12
Automatic Handel-C Generation from MATLAB and Simulink for Motion Control with an FPGA 2005 26
JCSP-Poison: Safe Termination of CSP Process Networks 2005 36 A Package Enabling Mobile Processes and Channels 2005 18
CSP++: How Faithful to CSPm? 2005 17
Fast Data Sharing within a Distributed, Multithreaded Control Framework for Robot Teams 2005 7
Improving TCP/IP Multicasting with Message Segmentation 2005 8
Lazy Cellular Automata with Communicating Processes 2005 10
A Unifying Theory of True Concurrency Based on CSP and Lazy Observation 2005 11
The Architecture of the Minimum intrusion Grid (MiG) 2005 12
Verification of JCSP Programs 2005 15
Architecture Design Space Exploration for Streaming Applications through Timing Analysis 2005 14
A Foreign Function Interface Generator for occam-pi 2005 13
Interfacing C and occam-pi 2005 11
Interactive Computing with the Minimum intrusion Grid (MiG) 2005 12
High Level Modeling of Channel-Based Asynchronous Circuits Using Verilog 2005 13
Mobile Barriers for occam-pi: Semantics, Implementation and Application 2005 27
Exception Handling Mechanism in Communicating Threads for Java 2005 17
R16: a New Transputer Design for FPGAs 2005 27
Towards Strong Mobility in the Shared Source CLI 2005 10
gCSP occam Code Generation for RMoX 2005 8
Assessing Application Performance in Degraded Network Environments: an FPGA-based Approach 2005 10
SpaceWire - DS-Links Reborn 2006 11
Barry Cook, Paul Walker
An Introduction to CSP.NET 2006 17
Alex A. Lehmberg, Martin N. Olsen
Performance Evaluation of JCSP Micro Edition: JCSPme 2006 9
Kevin Chalmers, Jon Kerridge, Imed Romdhani
Ubiquitous Access to Site Specific Services by Mobile Devices: the Process View 2006 17
Jon Kerridge, Kevin Chalmers
CSP for .NET Based on JCSP 2006 17
Sarah Clayton
pony - The occam-pi Network Environment 2006 31
Mario Schweigler, Adam T. Sampson
A Study of Percolation Phenomena in Process Networks 2006 13
Oliver Faust, Bernhard H. C. Sputh, Alastair Allen
Portable CSP Based Design for Embedded Multi-Core Systems 2006 11
Bernhard H. C. Sputh, Oliver Faust, Alastair Allen
A Implementation of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game 2006 15
Shyam Kumar, Gardiner S. Stiles
SystemCSP - Visual Notation 2006 27
Bojan Orlic, Jan F. Broenink
Interacting Components 2006 23
Bojan Orlic, Alastair Allen
TCP Input Threading in High Performance Distributed Systems 2006 11
Hans H. Happe
A Cell Transterpreter 2006 9
Damian J. Dimmich, Christian L. Jacobsen, Matthew C. Jadud
Mobile Robot Control: The Subsumption Architecture and occam-pi 2006 11
Jonathan L. Simpson, Christian L. Jacobsen, Matthew C. Jadud
Rain: A New Concurrent Process-Oriented Programming Language 2006 15
Neil C. C. Brown
Rain VM: Portable Concurrency through Managing Code 2006 15
Neil C. C. Brown
Native Code Generation using the Transterpreter 2006 11
Christian L. Jacobsen, Damian J. Dimmich, Matthew C. Jadud
Compositions of Concurrent Processes 2006 15
Mark Burgin, Kevin Chalmers
Software Specification Refinement and Verification Method with I-Mathic Studio 2006 13
Gerald H. Hilderink
Video Processing in occam-pi. 2006 19
Carl G. Ritson, Adam T. Sampson, Frederick R. M. Barnes
No Blocking on Yesterday's Embedded CSP Implementation (the Rubber Band of Getting it Right and Simple) 2006 7
Øyvind Teig
A Circus Development and Verification of an Internet Packet Filter 2006 23
Alistair A. McEwan
Classification of Programming Errors in Parallel Message Passing Systems 2006 13
Jan Bækgaard Pedersen
Compiling CSP 2006 11
Frederick R. M. Barnes
A Fast Resolution of Choice between Multiway Synchronisations 2006 1
Peter H. Welch
Transactional CSP Processes 2007 1
Gail Cassar, Patrick Abela
Algebras of Actions in Concurrent Processes 2007 1
Mark Burgin, Marc L. Smith
Using occam-pi Primitives with the Cell Broadband Engine 2007 1
Damian J. Dimmich
Shared-Memory Multi-Processor Scheduling Algorithms for CCSP 2007 1
Carl G. Ritson
Compiling occam to C with Tock 2007 1
Adam T. Sampson
A Native Transterpreter for the LEGO Mindstorms RCX 2007 9
Jonathan L. Simpson, Christian L. Jacobsen, Matthew C. Jadud
A Process Oriented Approach to USB Driver Development 2007 15
Carl G. Ritson, Frederick R. M. Barnes
A Process-Oriented Architecture for Complex System Modelling 2007 17
Carl G. Ritson, Peter H. Welch
A Reconfigurable System-on-Chip Architecture for Pico-Satellite Missions 2007 9
Tanya Vladimirova, Xiaofeng Wu
A Step Towards Refining and Translating B Control Annotations to Handel-C 2007 25
Wilson Ifill, Steve Schneider
A Versatile Hardware-Software Platform for In-Situ Monitoring Systems 2007 13
Bernhard H. C. Sputh, Oliver Faust, Alastair Allen
Advanced System Simulation, Emulation and Test (ASSET) 2007 21
Gregory L. Wickstrom
C++CSP2: A Many-to-Many Threading Model for Multicore Architectures 2007 23
Neil C. C. Brown
Communicating Process Architectures for Multicores 2007 11
David May
Components with Symbolic Transition Systems: a Java Implementation of Rendezvous 2007 19
Fabricio Rernandes, Robin Passama, Jean-Claude Royer
Concurrency Control and Recovery Management for Open e-Business Transactions 2007 19
Amir R. Razavi, Sotiris K. Moschoyiannis, Paul J. Krause
Concurrent/Reactive System Design with Honeysuckle 2007 9
Ian East
CSP and Real-Time: Reality or Illusion? 2007 29
Bojan Orlic, Jan F. Broenink
Design Principles of the SystemCSP Software Framework 2007 21
Bojan Orlic, Jan F. Broenink
Development of a Family of Multi-Core Devices Using Hierarchical Abstraction 2007 13
Andrew Duller, Alan Gray, Daniel Towner, Jamie Iles, Gajinder Panesar, Will Robbins
Domain Specific Transformations for Hardware Ray Tracing 2007 13
Tim Todman, Wayne Luk
Fine-grain concurrency 2007 19
Tony C.A.R. Hoare
Hardware/Software Synthesis and Verification Using Esterel 2007 7
Satnam Singh
Integrating and Extending JCSP 2007 21
Peter H. Welch, Neil C. C. Brown, James Moores, Kevin Chalmers, Bernhard H. C. Sputh
JCSProB: Implementing Integrated Formal Specifications in Concurrent Java 2007 21
Letu Yang, Michael R. Poppleton
Lazy Exploration and Checking of CSP Models with CSPsim 2007 17
Phil J. Brooke, Richard F. Paige
Mobility in JCSP: New Mobile Channel and Mobile Process Models 2007 19
Kevin Chalmers, Jon Kerridge, Imed Romdhani
Modeling and Analysis of the AMBA Bus Using CSP and B 2007 19
Alistair A. McEwan, Steve Schneider
PyCSP - Communicating Sequential Processes for Python 2007 19
John Markus Bjørndalen, Brian Vinter, Otto J. Anshus
Testing and Sampling Parallel Systems 2007 13
Jon Kerridge
The Core Language of Aldwych 2007 15
Matthew Huntbach
Towards the Formal Verification of a Java Processor in Event-B 2007 17
Neil Grant, Neil Evans
trancell - an Experimental ETC to Cell BE Translator 2007 11
Ulrik Schou Jørgensen, Espen Suenson
High Cohesion and Low Coupling: the Office Mapping Factor 2007 9
Øyvind Teig
Types, Orthogonality and Genericity: Some Tools for Communicating Process Architectures 2008 13
Samson Abramsky
Prioritized Service Architecture: Refinement and Visual Design 2008 1
Ian East
A Critique of JCSP Networking 2008 21
Kevin Chalmers, Jon Kerridge, Imed Romdhani
Mobile Agents and Processes using Communicating Process Architectures 2008 13
Jon Kerridge, Jens-Oliver Haschke, Kevin Chalmers
CSPBuilder – CSP Based Scientific Workflow Modeling 2008 17
Rune Møllegaaard Friborg, Brian Vinter
Experiments in Translating CSP || B to Handel-C 2008 19
Steve Schneider, Helen Trehane, Alistair A. McEwan, Wilson Ifill
JCSPre: the Robot Edition To Control LEGO NXT Robots 2008 15
Jon Kerridge, Alex Panayotopoulos, Patrick Lismore
A CSP Model for Mobile Channels 2008 17
Peter H. Welch, Frederick R. M. Barnes
Modelling a Multi-Core Media Processor using JCSP 2008 13
Anna Magdalena Kosek, Jon Kerridge, Aly Syed
Mechanical Verification of a Two-Way Sliding Window Protocol 2008 23
Bahareh Badban, Wan Fokkink, Jaco van de Pol
Communicating Haskell Processes: Composable Explicit Concurrency using Monads 2008 17
Neil C. C. Brown
Combining EDF Scheduling with occam using the Toc Programming Language 2008 11
Martin Korsgaard, Sverre Hendseth
FPGA Based Control of a Production Cell System 2008 13
Marcel A. Groothuis, Jasper van Zuijlen, Jan F. Broenink
Asynchronous Active Objects in Java 2008 17
George Oprean, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen
RRABP: Point-to-Point Communication over Unreliable Components 2008 15
Bernhard H. C. Sputh, Oliver Faust, Alastair Allen
IC2IC: a Lightweight Serial Interconnect Channel for Multiprocessor Networks 2008 17
Oliver Faust, Bernhard H. C. Sputh, Alastair Allen
Transfer Request Broker: Resolving Input-Output Choice 2008 15
Oliver Faust, Bernhard H. C. Sputh, Alastair Allen
Visual Process-Oriented Programming for Robotics 2008 15
Jonathan L. Simpson, Christian L. Jacobsen
Solving the Santa Claus Problem: a Comparison of Various Concurrent Programming Techniques 2008 15
Jason L. Hurt, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen
Two-Way Protocols for occam-pi 2008 13
Adam T. Sampson
Communicating Scala Objects 2008 19
Bernard Sufrin
Virtual Machine Based Debugging for occam-pi 2008 15
Carl G. Ritson, Jonathan L. Simpson
Representation and Implementation of CSP and VCR Traces 2008 17
Carl G. Ritson, Marc L. Smith
Process-Oriented Collective Operations 2008 19
John Markus Bjørndalen, Bernard Sufrin
Shared-Clock Methodology for Time-Triggered Multi-Cores 2008 13
Keith F. Athaide, Michael J. Pont, Devaraj Ayavoo
YASS: a Scalable Sensornet Simulator for Large Scale Experimentation 2008 19
Jonathan Tate, Iain Bate
How to Soar with CSP 2008 0
Colin O'Halloran
Designing with Software Defined Silicon 2008 0
Ali Dixon
How to Make a Process Invisible 2008 0
Neil C. C. Brown
Designing Animation Facilities for gCSP 2008 1
Hans T. J. van der Steen, Marcel A. Groothuis, Jan F. Broenink
Tock: One Year On 2008 1
Adam T. Sampson, Neil C. C. Brown
Introducing JCSP Networking 2.0 2008 1
Kevin Chalmers
Mobile Processes in an Ant Simulation 2008 1
Eric Bonnici
Santa's Groovy Helper 2008 0
Jon Kerridge
Santa Claus – with Mobile Reindeer and Elves 2008 1
Peter H. Welch, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen
Lego Robots using JCSP 2008 0
Jon Kerridge
Handel-C Source Level Debugging 2008 0
Herman Roebbers
Towards Guaranteeing Process Oriented Program Behaviour 2008 0
Frederick R. M. Barnes
PICOMS: Prioritised Inferred Choice Over Multiway Synchronisation 2008 0
Douglas N. Warren
Beyond Mobility - What Next After CSP/pi? 2009 5
Michael Goldsmith
The SCOOP Concurrency Model in Java-like Languages 2009 21
Faraz Torshizi, Jonathan S. Ostroff, Richard F. Paige, Marsha Chechik
Combining Partial Order Reduction with Bounded Model Checking 2009 19
José Vander Meulen, Charles Oecheur
On Congruence Property of Scope Equivalence for Concurrent Programs with Higher-Order Communication 2009 17
Masaki Murakami
Analysing gCSP Models Using Runtime and Model Analysis Algorithms 2009 21
Maarten M. Bezemer, Marcel A. Groothuis, Jan F. Broenink
Relating and Visualising CSP, VCR and Structural Traces 2009 15
Neil C. C. Brown, Marc L. Smith
Designing a Mathematically Verified I2C Device Driver using ASD 2009 11
Arjen Klomp, Herman Roebbers, Ruud Derwig, Leon Bouwmeester
Mobile Escape Analysis for occam-pi 2009 17
Frederick R. M. Barnes
New ALT for Application Timers and Synchronisation Point Scheduling 2009 9
Øyvind Teig, Per Johan Vannebo
Translating ETC to LLVM Assembly 2009 13
Carl G. Ritson
Resumable Java Bytecode - Process Mobility for ProcessJ targeting the JVM 2009 13
Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Brian Kauke
OpenComRTOS: A Runtime Environment for Interacting Entities 2009 11
Bernhard H. C. Sputh, Oliver Faust, Eric Verhulst, Vitaliy Mezhuyev
Economics of Cloud Computing: a Statistical Genetics Case Study 2009 11
Jeremy M. R. Martin, Steven J. Barrett, Simon J. Thornber, Silviu-Alin Bacanu, Dale Dunlap, Steve Weston
An Application of CoSMoS Design Methods to Pedestrian Simulation 2009 7
Sarah Clayton, Neil Urquhart, Jon Kerridge
An Investigation into Distributed Channel Mobility Support for Communicating Process Architectures 2009 19
Kevin Chalmers, Jon Kerridge
Auto-Mobiles: Optimised Message-Passing 2009 13
Neil C. C. Brown
A Denotational Study of Mobility 2009 23
Joél-Alexis Bialkiewicz, Frederic Peschanski
PyCSP Revisited 2009 13
Brian Vinter, John Markus Bjørndalen, Rune Møllegaaard Friborg
Three Unique Implementations of Processes for PyCSP 2009 15
Rune Møllegaaard Friborg, John Markus Bjørndalen, Brian Vinter
CSP as a Domain-Specific Language Embedded in Python and Jython 2009 17
Sarah Mount, Mohammad Hammoudeh, Sam Wilson, Robert Newman
Hydra: A Python Framework for Parallel Computing 2009 13
Waide B. Tristram, Karen Bradshaw
Extending CSP with Tests for Availability 2009 22
Gavin Lowe
Design Patterns for Communicating Systems with Deadline Propagation 2009 13
Martin Korsgaard, Sverre Hendseth
JCSP Agents-Based Service Discovery for Pervasive Computing 2009 11
Anna Magdalena Kosek, Jon Kerridge, Aly Syed, Alistair Armitage
Toward Process Architectures for Behavioural Robotics 2009 11
Jonathan Simpson, Carl G. Ritson
HW/SW Design Space Exploration on the Production Cell Setup 2009 15
Marcel A. Groothuis, Jan F. Broenink
Engineering Emergence: an occam-pi Adventure 2009 1
Peter H. Welch, Kurt Wallnau, Mark Klein
A Study Into the Modelling and Analysis of Real-Time FPGA Based Systems 2009 0
Irfan Mir
An Overview of ASD - Formal Methods in Daily Use 2009 0
Guy Boradfoot
Clocks 2009 0
Adam T. Sampson, Neil C. C. Brown
Concurrency First (but we'd better get it right!) 2009 0
Peter H. Welch
CPA Survival Guide 2009 0
Herman Roebbers
Hardware/Software Co-Design Language Development, An EngD Introduction 2009 0
Alex Cole
occam on the Arduino 2009 0
Adam T. Sampson, Matthew C. Jadud, Christian L. Jacobsen
Systems Modelling and Integration 2009 0
Dan Slipper
Traces for Testing 2009 0
Neil C. C. Brown
Use of Formal Models in Model-driven Design of Embedded software 2009 0
Oguzcan Oguz, Jan F. Broenink
Robust Robot Software using Process Orientation 2009 0
Cagri Yalcin, Jan F. Broenink
Development of an ML based Verification Tool for Timed CSP Processes 2011 12
Takeshi Yamakawa, Tsuneki Ohashi, Chikar Fukunaga
A Model for Concurrency Using Single-Writer Single-Assignment Variables 2011 17
Matthew Huntbach
The Computation Time Process Model 2011 13
Martin Korsgaard, Sverre Hendseth
Implementing Generalised Alt 2011 33
Gavin Lowe
A Comparison Of Data-Parallel Programming Systems With Accelerator 2011 19
Alex Cole, Alistair A. McEwan, Satnam Singh
Serving Web Content with Dynamic Process Networks in Go 2011 17
James WhiteHead II
Programming the CELL-BE using CSP 2011 15
Kenneth Skovhede, Morten N. Larsen, Brian Vinter
Experiments in Multicore and Distributed Parallel Processing using JCSP 2011 11
Jon Kerridge
Process-Oriented Subsumption Architectures in Swarm Robotic Systems 2011 13
Jeremy C. Posso, Adam T. Sampson, Jonathan Simpson, Jon Timmis
Fast Distributed Process Creation with the XMOS XS1 Architecture 2011 12
James Hanlon, Simon J. Hollis
Evaluating An Emergent Behaviour Algorithm for Energy Conservation in Lighting Systems Using JCSP 2011 13
Anna Magdalena Kosek, Aly Syed, Jon Kerridge
A Systems Re-engineering Case Study: Programming Robots with occam and Handel-C 2011 10
Dan Slipper, Alistair A. McEwan
Verification of a Dynamic Channel Model using the SPIN Model-Checker 2011 19
Rune Møllegaard Friborg, Brian Vinter
The Flying Gator: Towards Aerial Robotics in occam-π 2011 11
Ian Armstrong, Michael Pirrone-Brusse, Anthony Smith, Matthew C. Jadud
LUNA: Hard Real-Time, Multi-Threaded, CSP-Capable Execution Framework 2011 18
Maarten M. Bezemer, Robert J. W. Wilterdink, Jan F. Broenink
Performance of the Distributed CPA Protocol and Architecture on Traditional Networks 2011 15
Kevin Chalmers
CONPASU-tool: A Concurrent Process Analysis Support Tool based on Symbolic Computation 2011 21
Yoshinao Isobe
Static Scoping and Name Resolution for Mobile Processes with Polymorphic Interfaces 2011 14
Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Matthew Sowders
Concurrent Event-driven Programming in occam-π for the Arduino 2011 16
Christian L. Jacobsen, Matthew C. Jadud, Omer Kilic, Adam T. Sampson
Mobile Processes and Call Channels with Variant Interfaces (a Duality) 2011 1
Eric Bonnici, Peter H. Welch
SystemVerilogCSP: Modeling Digital Asynchronous Circuits Using SystemVerilog Interfaces 2011 15
Arash Saifhashemi, Peter A. Beerel
Object Store Based Simulation Interworking 2011 10
Carl G. Ritson, Paul S. Andrews, Adam T. Sampson
Adding Formal Verification to occam-π 2011 1
Peter H. Welch, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Carl G. Ritson, Neil C. C. Brown
Prioritised Choice over Multiway Synchronisation 2011 23
Douglas N. Warren
Parallel Usage Checking - an Observation 2011 0
Barry Cook
Formal Analysis of Concurrent OS (RMoX) Device Drivers 2011 0
Martin Ellis
Demonstration of the LUNA Framework 2011 0
Robert J. W. Wilterdink, Maarten M. Bezemer, Jan F. Broenink
This is a Parallel Parrot 2011 0
Adam T. Sampson
Exploring Peer-to-Peer Virtualized Multithreaded Services 2011 0
Kevin Vella
Guppy 2011 0
Frederick R. M. Barnes
Distributing Concurrent Simulation 2011 0
Adam T. Sampson
Cancellable Servers - a Pattern for Curiousity 2012 0
Peter H. Welch
Process-Oriented Building Blocks 2012 1
Adam T. Sampson
A CPA Series 2012 0
Ian East
Polyphonic Processors - Fantasy on an FPGA 2012 0
Richard Miller
occam Obviously 2012 1
Peter H. Welch
Supporting Timed CSP Operators in CSP++ 2012 17
William B. Gardner, Yuriy Solovyov
Exception Handling and Checkpointing in CSP 2012 11
Mads Ohm Larsen, Brian Vinter
Schedulability Analysis of Timed CSP Models Using the PAT Model Checker 2012 23
Oguzcan Oguz, Jan F. Broenink, Angelika Mader
JCircus 2.0: an Extension of an Automatic Translator from Circus to Java 2012 21
S. L. M. Barrocas, Marcel V. M. Oliveira
Design and Use of CSP Meta-Model for Embedded Control Software Development 2012 15
Maarten M. Bezemer, Robert J. W. Wilterdink, Jan F. Broenink
Developing JIWY using TERRA 2012 0
Maarten M. Bezemer, Robert J. W. Wilterdink, Jan F. Broenink
Beauty And The Beast: Exploiting GPUs In Haskell 2012 13
Alex Cole, Alistair A. McEwan, Geoff Mainland
Specification of APERTIF Polyphase Filter Bank in CλaSH 2012 11
Rinse Wester, Dimitrios Sarakiotis, Eric Kooistra, Jan Kuper
Data Escape Analysis for Process Oriented Systems 2012 1
Martin Ellis, Frederick R. M. Barnes
SEU Protection for High-Reliability Flash File Systems 2012 1
Neil J. Perrins, Alistair A. McEwan
JCircus Demo 2012 0
S. L. M. Barrocas, Marcel V. M. Oliveira
Unfinished Business - occam-pi² 2012 0
Peter H. Welch
Implementation of an Agent-based Model with TBB Technique 2012 0
Ye Li
Handel-C++ - Adding Syntactic Support to C++  2012 0
Alex Cole
A Debugger for Communicating Scala Objects 2012 19
Andrew Bate, Gavin Lowe
A Comparison of Message Passing Interface and Communicating Process Architecture Networking Communication Performance 2012 13
Kevin Chalmers
XCHANs: Notes on a New Channel Type 2012 15
Øyvind Teig
A Distributed Multi-Agent Control System for Power Consumption in Buildings 2012 15
Anna Magdalena Kosek, Oliver Gehrke
A High Performance Reconfigurable Architecture for Flash File Systems 2012 10
Irfan Mir, Alistair A. McEwan, Neil J. Perrins
Designing a Concurrent File Server 2012 13
James WhiteHead II
Mutually Assured Destruction (or the Joy of Sync) 2013 1
Peter H. Welch, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Frederick R. M. Barnes
FDR3: the Future of CSP Model Checking 2013 1
Thomas Gibson-Robinson
Costing by Construction 2013 1
Greg Michaelson
The Meaning and Implementation of SKIP in CSP 2013 15
Thomas Gibson-Robinson, Michael Goldsmith
Successful Termination in Timed CSP 2013 17
Paul Howells, Mark d'Inverno
Verifying the CPA Networking Stack using SPIN/Promela 2013 17
Kevin Chalmers, Jon Kerridge
Improving the Performance of Periodic Real-time Processes: a Graph Theoretical Approach 2013 23
Antoon H. Boode, Hajo J. Broersma, Jan F. Broenink
Scaling PyCSP 2013 11
Rune Møllegaard Friborg, John Markus Bjørndalen, Brian Vinter
Service Oriented Programming in MPI 2013 19
Sarwar Alam, Humaira Kamal, Alan Wagner
Scalable Performance for Scala Message Passing Concurrency 2013 19
Andrew Bate
ProcessJ: A Possible Future of Process-Oriented Design 2013 23
Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Marc L. Smith
Using FDR to Model Check CSP-Like Languages 2013 1
Thomas Gibson-Robinson
An Introduction to Go 2013 1
Rick Beton
The Guppy Language: an Update 2013 1
Frederick R. M. Barnes
An occam Model of XCHANs 2013 1
Peter H. Welch
Names of XCHAN Implementations 2013 1
Øyvind Teig
National HPC Facilities at EPCC: Exploiting Massively Parallel Architectures for Scientific Simulation 2013 2
Andrew Turner
Specifying and Analysing Networks of Processes in CSPt (or In Search of Associativity)  2013 27
Paul Howells, Mark d'Inverno
Efficient Simulation of CSP-Like Languages 2013 19
Thomas Gibson-Robinson
Selective Choice "Feathering" with XCHANs  2013 11
Øyvind Teig
The Distributed Application Debugger 2013 15
Michael Quinn Jones, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen
BPU Simulator 2013 15
Martin Rehr, Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter
Exploring GPGPU Acceleration of Process-Oriented Simulations 2013 13
Frederick R. M. Barnes, Thomas Pressnell, Brendan Le Foll
A Personal Perspective on the State of HPC in 2013 2013 7
Christopher C. R. Jones
An Evaluation of Intel's Restricted Transactional Memory for CPAs 2013 21
Frederick R. M. Barnes, Carl G. Ritson
Life of occam-Pi  2013 25
Peter H. Welch
The Need for Prioritised Alternation in a Programming Language 2014 1
Ian East
T42 – Transputer Design in FPGA 2014 1
Uwe Mielke, Martin Zabel, Michael Bruestle
Occam (Raspberry) Pi 2014 1
Richard Miller
Why is CSP Needlessly Difficult to Learn and so Easy to Forget, and Why are its Semantics Upside Down? 2014 9
Peter H. Welch
The COMPASS Modelling Language: Timed Semantics in UTP  2014 31
Jim Woodcock, Jeremy Bryans, Samuel Canham, Simon Foster
A Service-oriented Scalable Dictionary in MPI 2014 25
Sarwar Alam, Humaira Kamal, Alan Wagner
FDR into The Cloud  2014 15
Thomas Gibson-Robinson, Bill Roscoe
Process Discovery in Highly Parallel Distributed Systems 2014 13
Jon Kerridge
Hardware Ports - Getting Rid of Sandboxed Modelled Software 2014 11
Maarten M. Bezemer, Jan F. Broenink
Performance of Periodic Real-time Processes: a Vertex-Removing Synchronised Graph Product 2014 19
Antoon H. Boode, Jan F. Broenink
Towards Millions of Processes on the JVM 2014 29
Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Andreas Stefik
Fine-Grain MPI for Extreme-Scale Programming 2014 3
Alan Wagner
CSP In Orbit - a Recent Satellite Application 2014 1
Roger Peel, Barry Cook, Paul Walker
Adding Concurrency to an Evidence-based Programming Language 2014 1
Andreas Stefik, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen
A Real-time Garbage Collection Technique for Concurrent Flash Storage Architecture 2014 1
Muhammed Ziya Komsul, Alistair A. McEwan
A Personal Perspective on The State of Parallel Processing on the Transputer's 30th Anniversary 2014 1
Ruth Ivimey-Cook
De-skilling CSP: Why FDR Needs Lazy Compilation 2014 15
Bill Roscoe
Communicating Process Architectures - by Example 2014 1
Jan F. Broenink
Making JCSP Faster: Re-implement with Atomic Operations and Verify its Correctness 2014 3
Peter H. Welch
Synchronous Message Exchange for Hardware Designs  2014 11
Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter
N Queens on an FPGA: Mathematics, Programming, or Both? 2014 23
Jan Kuper, Rinse Wester
Deriving Stencil Hardware Accelerators from a Single Higher-Order Function 2014 13
Rinse Wester, Jan Kuper
Communicating Process Architectures: a Personal View of the Past, Present and Future 2014 1
Barry Cook
Parallel Systems from 1979 to 2014: 35 Years of Progress? 2014 1
Roger Shepherd
CSP mechanisms for the Qt Framework 2014 1
Ruth Ivimey-Cook
Verification Extensions for Programming Languages  2014 3
Peter H. Welch
A Super-Simple Run-Time for CSP-Based Concurrent Systems 2015 17
Michael E. Goldsby
Lambda Calculus in Core Aldwych 2015 23
Matthew Huntbach
Discrete Event-based Neural Simulation using the SpiNNaker System 2015 15
Andrew Brown, Jeff Reeve, Steve Furber
Bus Centric Synchronous Message Exchange for Hardware Designs 2015 11
Brian Vinter, Kenneth Skovhede
CoCoL: Concurrent Communications Library 2015 17
Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter
Process-Based Aho-Corasick Failure Function Construction 2015 25
Tinus Strauss, Derrick G. Kourie, Bruce W. Watson, Loek Cleophas
Communicating Process Architectures in the Light of Parallel Design Patterns and Skeletons 2015 17
Kevin Chalmers
A Design for Interchangeable Simulation and Implementation 2015 17
Klaus Birkelund Jensen, Brian Vinter
Model-Driven Design of Simulation Support for the TERRA Robot Software Tool Suite 2015 17
Zhou Lu, Maarten M. Bezemer, Jan F. Broenink
A Model-driven Methodology for Generating and Verifying CSP-based Java Code 2015 25
Julio Marino, Raul N. N. Alborodo
Guppy: Process-Oriented Programming on Embedded Devices 2015 21
Frederick R. M. Barnes
Towards Lightweight Formal Development of MPI Applications 2015 19
Nelson Souto Rosa, Humaira Kamal, Alan Wagner
Code Specialisation of Auto-Generated GPU Kernels 2015 15
Troels Blum, Brian Vinter
Adding CSPm Functions and Data Types to CSP++ 2015 23
Daniel Garner, Markus Roggenbach, William B. Gardner
OpenTransputer: Reinventing a Parallel Machine from the Past 2015 21
Andres Amaya-Garcia, David Keller, David May
Not that Blocking! 2015 1
Øyvind Teig
Not that Concurrent! 2015 1
Øyvind Teig
C++11 CSP 2015 5
Kevin Chalmers
T42 Transputer Design in FPGA (Year One: Design Status Report) 2015 1
Uwe Mielke
OLL Compiler Project 2015 1
Barry M. Cook
Protected Mode RTOS: What does it Mean? 2015 1
Bernhard H. C. Sputh
Managing Hard Real Times (28 Years Later) 2015 1
Peter H. Welch
occam's Rule Applied: Separation of Concerns as a Key to Trustworthy Systems Engineering for Complex Systems 2015 1
Eric Verhulst
Communicating Processes and Processors (1975-2025) 2015 1
David May
Dealing with (Real)-Time in Real-World Hybrid Systems 2015 1
Pieter Van schaik, Eric Verhulst
The Role of Concurrency in the Modern HPC Center 2015 1
Brian Vinter
Message-Passing Concurrency Shootout 2015 2
Kevin Chalmers
JVMCSP – Approaching Billions of Processes on a Single-Core JVM 2016 23
Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Cabel Shrestha
Communicating Generators in JavaScript 2016 19
Kurt Micallef, Kevin Vella
Communicating Connected Components: Extending Plug and Play to Support Skeletons 2016 11
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Extensions to the Concurrent Communications Library 2016 19
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Broadcasting in CSP Style Programming 2016 9
Brian Vinter, Kenneth Skovhede, Mads Ohm Larsen
High Performance Tape Streaming in Tapr 2016 17
Klaus Birkelund Jensen, Brian Vinter
Asynchronous Readers and Writers 2016 13
Antoon H. Boode, Jan F. Broenink
VHDL Generation From Python Synchronous Message Exchange Networks 2016 23
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Building a Sensor System for a Large Scale Arctic Observatory 2016 5
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Connecting Two Robot-Software Communicating Architectures: ROS and LUNA 2016 21
W. Mathijs van der Werf, Jan F. Broenink
Development and Evaluation of a Modern C++CSP Library 2016 27
Kevin Chalmers
Simulation and Visualisation Tool Design for Robot Software 2016 19
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Mapping CSP Models for Embedded Control Software to Hardware Using CλaSH 2016 17
Frits P. Kuipers, Rinse Wester, Jan Kuper, Jan F. Broenink
Messing Around with Timeouts. In Contracts? 2016 1
Øyvind Teig
T42 Transputer Design in FPGA (Year Two Design Status Report) 2016 1
Uwe Mielke, Martin Zabel, Michael Bruestle
Concurrency: Quit Obsessing about Your Code and Start Worrying about Your Data! 2016 1
Brian Vinter
Visualisation Facilities of the Graphical CSP tool TERRA 2016 1
Zhou Lu
Distributed Computing on a (tiny) Budget: Building a Raspberry Pi Zero Microcluster 2016 1
Richard Miller
Computational Challenges for Climate Modelling 2016 1
Markus Jochum
Concurrency, Intuition and Formal Verification: Yes, We Can! (Ben-Ari's Twin-Process Conundrum) 2017 -253
Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Peter H. Welch
VCSP - Towards a Process Oriented Scratch-Model? 2017 0
Brian Vinter
T42 – Transputer Design in FPGA (Year Three Design Status Report) 2017 0
Uwe Mielke, Martin Zabel, Michael Bruestle
Rigorous Timing, Static OCCAM, and Classic CSP: Formal Verification for the Internet of Things 2017 0
Lawrence J. Dickson, Jeremy M. R. Martin
Pong Inspired Game Written in SME, Running on an FPGA 2017 0
Carl-Johannes Johnsen
Big Data Analysis with Skeletons on SOFA 2017 13
Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter
Building a C++CSP Channel Using C++ Atomics: a Busy Channel Performance Analysis 2017 17
Kevin Chalmers
Automatic Code-generation for Library Method Inclusion in Domain Specific Languages 2017 11
Mads Ohm Larsen
Formal Analysis of Video Encoding Application within Map/Reduce 2017 11
M. Carmen Ruiz, Diego Pérez Leándrez, Damas Gruska
Event-driven, Collaborative and Adaptive Scientific Workflows on the Grid 2017 19
Jonas Bardino, Martin Rehr, Brian Vinter
Asynchronous Readers and Asynchronous Writers 2017 19
Antoon H. Boode, Jan F. Broenink
Concurrency Issues in Ordinary Place Transition Petri Nets 2017 9
Anthony Spiteri Staines
Distributing CSP Process Networks over MPI Clusters 2017 23
Gabriella Azzopardi, Kevin Vella, Adrian Muscat
Teaching Concurrency: 10 Years of Programming Projects at UCPH 2017 21
Brian Vinter, Mads Ohm Larsen
Working Concurrently: Applying Ideas from Concurrency to a Working Life 2017 0
Kevin Chalmers
Building a Hand-held Cluster for £120 2017 0
Kevin Chalmers
Rigorous Timing, Static OCCAM, and Classic CSP: Mathematical Ground Truth 2017 0
Lawrence J. Dickson, Jeremy M. R. Martin
A Workflow Methodology for Realising Concurrent and Verified Systems 2017 1
Peter H. Welch, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen
Concurrent Composition of I/O Redundancy Behaviors in Go 2017 13
Klaus Birkelund Jensen, Brian Vinter
Co-simulation Design towards Cyber-Physical Robotic Applications -- Leveraging FMI Standard and CSP Semantics 2017 17
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A Concurrent Data Collection Environment for WAsteful COMmunication SAtellite System 2017 9
Tor Skovsgaard, Patrick Dyhrberg Sørensen, Lawrence J. Dickson, Lindsay O'Brien Quarrie, Brian Vinter
Implementing a MIPS processor using SME 2017 27
Carl-Johannes Johnsen
What are Communicating Process Architectures? Towards a Framework for Evaluating Message-passing Concurrency Languages 2017 27
Kevin Chalmers
Unifying Concurrent Programming and Formal Verification within One Language 2017 0
Peter H. Welch, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Frederick R. M. Barnes, Carl G. Ritson, Neil C. C. Brown
DOMASCOS – DOMAin Specific COncurrency Skeleton 2017 0
Kevin Chalmers, Brian Vinter, Kevin Vella, John Markus Bjørndalen, Jan F. Broenink
aPyCSP - Asynchronous PyCSP Using Python Coroutines and asyncio 2018 17
John Markus Bjørndalen, Brian Vinter, Otto J. Anshus
A Majority Vote, Modelled by Asynchronous Readers and Asynchronous Writers 2018 15
Antoon H. Boode, Jan F. Broenink
Testing and Verifying Parallel Programs Using Data Refinement 2018 11
Jeremy M. R. Martin
CSP at the Cyber-Physical Edge 2018 11
Lukasz Michalik, Michael Murphy, John Markus Bjørndalen, Otto J. Anshus
Emit - Communicating Sequential Processes in Ruby 2018 9
Mads Ohm Larsen, Brian Vinter
Implementing a Transputer for FPGA in Less Than 800 Lines of Code 2018 19
Carl-Johannes Johnsen, Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter, Lindsay O'Brien Quarrie, Lawrence J. Dickson
Deriving Reusable Go Components From Verified CSP Prototypes 2018 19
James Dibley, Karen Bradshaw
Use Case Driven Microservices Architecture Design 2018 11
Jeremy M. R. Martin, Peter Boggis
Bohrium.rb - The Ruby Front End 2018 11
Mads Ohm Larsen, Brian Vinter
Evaluating CSP as a Programming Model to Build Distributed Systems 2018 11
Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter
SMEIL: A Domain-Specific Language for Synchronous Message Exchange Networks 2018 25
Truls Asheim
Lossy Channels in Bohrium 2018 13
Mads R. B. Kristensen, James Avery
Solving the Santa Claus Problem Over a Distributed Network 2018 15
David Marchant, Jon Kerridge
Towards Automatic Program Specification Using SME Models 2018 15
Alberte Thegler, Mads Ohm Larsen, Kenneth Skovhede, Brian Vinter
MUMMERING Platform Idea's & Ubiquitous Data Analysis 2018 11
Rasmus Munk, Brian Vinter
A Transparent Thread and Fiber Framework in C++CSP 2018 13
Kevin Chalmers
T42 - Transputer in FPGA 2018 33
Uwe Mielke, Martin Zabel, Michael Bruestle
SpiNNaker-2: a 10 Million Core Processor System for Machine Learning and Brain Simulation 2018 3
Christian Mayr
Verifying Mobile Systems: Take Two 2018 23
Frédéric Peschanski
Workshop on Translating CSP-Based Languages to Common Programming Languages 2018 0
Brian Vinter, Lawrence J. Dickson, James Dibley
Unravelling XC concepts [[combine]],[[combinable]], [[distribute]], [[distributable]] and [[distributed(..)]] plus par and on ... 2018 0
Øyvind Teig
Challenges When Implementing a Battery-less Display 2018 0
Herman Roebbers
Space Invaders Game Written in SME, Running on an FPGA 2018 0
Carl-Johannes Johnsen
Java, JCSP and Crew (The Strange Case of the Spurious Spurious) 2018 0
Peter H. Welch, Matthew Ewer, Jan Bækgaard Pedersen, Jeremy M. R. Martin